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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Just read the "Leftovers" article.

Beautiful stuff, but I think there's so much to add, especially a shift in how we view shlichus.

First, an important premise. Shluchim sacrifice a lot to be on shlichus. Obviously, there are financial challenges. Also, their children are very often put in less than ideal situations in regards to chinuch. As well, thanks to corona, we have gotten a taste of what it feels like to be isolated, far from many friends and family, but imagine that a whole year-round. These are just a small sample size of the things Chassidim sacrifice to be on the front lines of bringing yidden back.

I start with that to make it clear that in regards to sacrifice, and 24/7 dedication, nothing comes close to full-time shlichus.

That being said, let's think about the birth of shlichus. Until our Rebbe, Chassidim were dedicated to working primarily within. They were risking their lives for the basics of Yiddishkeit to remain for those that always had it. That was the challenge of that generation, to keep Yiddishkeit alive within our ranks.

In America, a different opportunity awaited us. Gone were the times where we had to fight for the right to do every mitzvah. Gone were the days of underground yeshivas, and brisim. So did that mean that chassidim had nothing to work for anymore? Nothing to fight for?

No chance.

The Rebbe showed us that when one door closes, another opens. Not just any door, not just any opportunity, a new frontier that will be so powerful that we can't imagine a world without it.

Chassidim were taught for the past several decades that we fight for our Yiddishkeit until the nth degree. Then we adapted. With our Rebbe's guidance, we learned that if we want to change the world, we need to listen to the opportunities the Aibeshter gives us in that world. If we believe in the Aibeshter, we know that reality is not just mixed circumstances, its a message, a path of where to go next.

Is the door on the classic shlichus closed? Not at all. However, it's not as open as it once was.

So what now? Do we throw in the white flag?

Our Rebbe taught us to always look for new platforms to spread the light of Torah and Chassidus. There is no question that someone in the world of business has access to people, to yidden, that the most successful shluchim for whatever reason don't have the opportunity to meet. We are not Rebbeim who can decide the gameplan of chassidim. However, as chassidim we know on some level what the Rebbe would demand from us regardless of the circumstances.

Are we (the Chassidim who want to have fulfillment but feel a business is the best option for us), Leftovers? Leftovers imply that the meal is over, the job is done and now we are just scrapping whatever is left. There's a whole new course being served on our plates, if only we open our eyes to see it. Any shliach will admit to you, no matter how many ribbons they cut, or how many chicken soups they have served, they can only reach so much. The world of business is unprecedented territory, just like any country or state before the first shluchim moved in.

This is not a consolation prize. This is what chassidim have always done; we adapt. We don't compromise, we adapt. Because if the Aibeshter has shifted reality in this direction, it's not by mistake. Reality is essentially a message from Hashem about what to do next. The message here is that there are more Yidden out there swimming in the world of business. Find them.


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